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I provide individual counseling and family counseling to adolescents and young adults. My passion is to work with those individuals who are ready for change and to create the next chapter of their life.

I use a variety of therapy models such as CBT, DBT and client centered approaches I don’t believe one size fits all. My therapy style is more casual than business.


LGBTQia Counseling

I have extensive training and experience working with the LGBTQIA community.

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (or questioning) individuals seek counseling for reasons similar to non-LGBTQIA individuals (anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, work stress, etc). This is a space place for you.

I am provide letters of support for transgender folks ages 14+. I follow WPATH guidelines and requirements on letters.

Family THErapy

I provide family therapy to help families create a better and healthier dynamic and environment for optimal success.

Reduce distress and conflict by improving the systems of interactions and stress between family members.